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Marka Einböck
Godina proizvodnje 2018
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Vrsta stroja: Rabljeni stroj
Marka: Einböck
Godina proizvodnje: 2018


used Einböck maize chopper
EMS 8-row HG for rear mounting
Three-point block with double-sided guided
lower link pin attachment category II
Automatic top steering with
Hydraulically folding wheel flanges
Frame width 5.80 m - Transport width
3.20 m 9 hoeing elements with a total of
41 S-tines with parallelogram with
with retraction reinforcement and spindle-adjustable
adjustable Farmflex feeler wheels 300 mm
O and 100 mm wide - ball bearing mounted
with side guards
divided into:
7 hoeing elements, each with
5 tines each with 180 mm goose foot share
2 half hoeing elements, each with
3 tines each with goosefoot share 180 mm
Row spacing adjustable from 60-70 cm
Weight: approx. 1,350 kg
Power requirement: approx. 59 kW/80 hp
Operating instructions and spare parts list
Wider frame profile per cm for other
Row spacing mounted on
Row spacing 75 cm asymmetrical
Transport width stated above due to
the row spacing
deviating-new transport width 3.30 m
9 Pneumatic wheel 16x6.50 with 10 ply
instead of Farmflex jockey wheel
per parallelogram
41 Vibro tine 40x12 with holder
41 Goosefoot share 180 mm with handle 35x10
8 ridging shares (1 right, 1 left)
for vibro-blade tines
9 Height-adjustable following harrow
mounted behind the hoeing body
Lateral tines infinitely variable
adjustable - per hoeing body
Hydraulic lift for
hoeing body parallelograms
for 9 parallelograms
with manual operation
Warning signs with holder and lighting
LED indicators, brake and rear lights
Front marker lights in LED version
EINBÖCK pneumatic seeder
P-Box STI 600
Working width up to 6.00 m
with quantity metering
speed-controlled by means of sensor
Sensor not included in scope of delivery
12 volt electric double fan
3-pin tractor plug (25 Amp)
Agitator, quantity distribution via
own sowing wheel per hose
One metering nozzle each with fine toothing
and coarse toothing
Calibration trough with calibration plate
24 m spiral hose
Tank volume 300 liters
ST 2.0 control unit
Tank level and fill level sensor
Wheel sensor
Top link sensor
Holder for P-Box on Einböck devices
without mounting
Filling steps for Chopstar
Outlet split for 2 half chopping bodies
with cone distributor with Y-distributor
Calibration button at the rear of the seed drill
Einböck - ROW-GUARD -
Automatic camera steering
Hydraulic shifting frame for chippers
Einböck - Adaptation chipper - ROW-GUARD
First use by Einböck - ROW-GUARD
Required hydraulic connections:
1 x "double-acting" - implement folding
1 x "ew" with unpressurized return flow
for hydraulic lifting
Rowguard sliding frame
1 x power supply 3-pole - pneumatic box
1 x power supply 3-pole - hydraulic lift
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