Dragone VX 280

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Marka Dragone
Model VX 280
Godina proizvodnje 2023
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Vrsta stroja: Novi stroj
Marka: Dragone
Model: VX 280
Godina proizvodnje: 2023


VX 280
Dragone mulcher
2800 mm working width
2980 mm total width
30 hammer flails + 30 TWIN knives
Front-rear attachment
Three-point linkage KAT II / III
Gearbox 1000 rpm
AUTO-REVERSE gearbox (both directions of
directions of rotation) = automatic
reversing gearbox
= freewheel is always active
= also suitable for reverse mounting
Standard gearbox position (left
offset) Side shift to the right
(600 mm)
Reinforced housing made of
S700 quality steel
Additional stone guard
Weight: 1,520 kg
Walterscheid cardan shaft
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