Grimme SE 85-55 SB

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Marka Grimme
Model SE 85-55 SB
Godina proizvodnje 2023
Daljnje informacije
Vrsta stroja: Rabljeni stroj
Marka: Grimme
Model: SE 85-55 SB
Godina proizvodnje: 2023


used Grimme SE 85/55 SB
K 80 bottom hitch
hydraulic support foot
540 rpm direct drive
pick-up 660 mm
3 blade coulter long
390 ridge drum
Harrow depth adjustment
from terminal
automatic ridge relief
Automatic ridge center detection
3rd six-disc
1. SB 40 pitch
V2A sheet metal screen canopy
2. SB 32 mm TLG
Slip monitoring 1st/2nd TG
900 TG SB
Own hydraulics
5 Roller pre-cleaning
with hydraulic hopper
Potato turning device
Ultrasonic sensor
Bunker 2 speed
Bunker head lowering
500/60-22.5 tires
Automatic tilt system
Grimme video system
with 5 cameras
ISOBUS CCI 800 terminal
Weather roof without side panels
2 x lighting
Automatic translation from German without guarantee.
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