Binderberger RW 10 ECO

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Marka Binderberger
Model RW 10 ECO
Godina proizvodnje 2022
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Vrsta stroja: Novi stroj
Marka: Binderberger
Model: RW 10 ECO
Godina proizvodnje: 2022


Binderberger backhoe wagon
RW 10 eco back wagon with BK 4070 eco
A-support max. 2,95 m wide
Hydraulic swivel drawbar
Standing platform on drawbar
Hydr.brake 4 wheels (max.10 km/h)
4 tires 400/60-15,5 PR14, 6 holes
Towing eye ISO40 Ø 40 mm 2 t
3 pairs of aluminum stanchions (1200 mm)
Rear extension mechanical 900 mm
Conventional lighting according to StVZo
Binderberger forestry crane BK 4070 eco
Tractor hydraulics with mechanical
cross lever control and
rotating function
Rotator 3 t stub Ø 49,5 mm without
pendulum brake
Timber grapple GZ 1200
Hydraulic swing drawbar bottom hitch
(lowest position 40 cm)
2-circuit air brake, 4 wheels
Tool box large, lockable
Surcharge aluminum stanchions 1200 mm long for
4th pair of stanchions
Working light LED on main arm
Working light LED at articulated arm
40 km/h DE for air brake
Crane acceptance incl. crane book
1-circuit gear pump, mechanical
Cross lever control with rotating function
-standing platform
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