Amazone PRECEA 6000-2 CC SUPER

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Marka Amazone
Model PRECEA 6000-2 CC SUPER
Godina proizvodnje 2022
Radni sati 2
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Vrsta stroja: Rabljeni stroj
Marka: Amazone
Model: PRECEA 6000-2 CC SUPER
Godina proizvodnje: 2022
Radni sati: 2


Basic equipment Precea 6000-2CC Super
Foldable frame
Row spacing 75 cm - 8 rows
Support wheels in front of the seed rows
Comfort hydraulics for ISOBUS
Hydraulic blower drive
Blower drive with hydraulic motor 6,2ccm
Long hydraulic connection for filling
Air intake blower
Front lighting
Rear lighting
Track marker for Precea 6000 and 6000-2
Hydraulic connection for bout marker
ElectricDrive singling drive
Opto sensor for seed monitoring 16 mm
Singling disc maize 5,0 mm
PreTeC mulch seed coulter
Hydraulic coulter pressure system
PreTeC attachments for
Hose line hydraulic coulter pressure
Seed hopper 55 l
Filling aid for seed hopper
Fill level sensor
furrow former 16 mm
weft section 16 mm
Catch roller 16 mm
Width depth guide rollers 115 mm
width pressure rollers 50 mm, smooth
Disc scraper
Coulter pressure increase
Professional electronics for
Multi deposit tester
Electric fertilizer metering drive
Electric agitator shaft drive
Wiring harness for single row control
Extension wiring harness for electric
Fertilizer metering drive for rear hopper
Closure insert
Metering wheel 100 ccm
Rear fertilizer hopper 1250 l
Loading board between seed rows
FerTeC Twin fertilizer coulter
Filling auger
Long hydraulic connection for filling auger
Weighing system for rear fertilizer hopper
LED working lighting
Orifice turret
Attachment set FerTeC twin fertilizer coulter
ISOBUS machine control
ISOBUS in-line wiring harness
ISOBUS operator terminal AmaTron 4
Radar sensor international
GPS-Switch basic for AmaTron 4
GPS-Maps+Doc for AmaTron 4
AmaCam for AmaTron 4
Connection cable for camera AmaTron 4
Attachment set camera system
First use Precea
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